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  1. Hi Rich Thank you for the info. I picked mine up at a local auction for £30. The condition of the hull and deck is very good. The original control gear and winch were all there. The winch, servo and radio gear were inside a sealed wooden box to protect them. I have used an endoscope to look inside the hull and all seems ok considering the age. Good luck with ur rebuild Graham
  2. Hi. I have acquired a 40 plus year old 10r that is believed to be a Scimitar designed by Tony Able. I am having trouble finding any info on this design. I dint suppose anyone can help with any info or suggest some one that may be able to help. I have already spoken to Frank at Nylet that did sell then years ago. Thanking you in advance. Graham Allen
  3. Many thanks for the info Derek. I will contact Nylet if they are still going as they sold them many years ago. Kind regards to you and Maureen Graham
  4. Hi I have acquired what I believe to be an older design radio 10r. Would anyone have any idea what design she is and where I may get some info on her design so I can get her waterproof and read to sail please. Seasons Greetings Graham
  5. Could you not use the transmitter upside down and reverse the servos? Graham
  6. Many thanks, after I wrote the past l had a think and deducted l needed at least a few to keep near the mast and allow the bend to flat en the sail if required. Regards Graham
  7. Graham Allen

    IOM jack line

    Hi I have just purchased a new A suit for my IOM. This time l opted for a jack line. My question is do you still need to use mast rings or tie cord to attach to the mast? If there is a need to attach them to the mast is there a max or minimum amount? Thank you for you assistance. Regards Graham
  8. Hi John Many thanks for your answer. It not only clears the situation up for skipper A (me),but will also help the skipper B in future races in dinghies. Graham
  9. Hi Can any one give a definitive answer to a question from the Lincoln lake side? During the 1 minute count down boat A collided with boat B about 30 seconds to go. Boat A did a turn and carried on to the start. Boat B protested boat B for carrying out the penalty turn before the race started. As there was confusion on the call boat A did an extra turn. Both skippers asked other skippers and were advised the turn before the start was OK. Is this correct? For information skipper B is a successful dinghy skipper. Many thanks Graham
  10. 3 good answers thank you. David perhaps the spreader mark at each end in a lake like Bournville or where we sail off a bank would make more sense as the rounding (port or starboard) can manage the fleet to reduce cross over between boats on different legs of the course. A question for Gordon. Would you suggest any other type of course for radio yachting? The triangle and sausage is still used by most clubs as a course with most bigger events using windward mark and gate. I find the triangle and gate gets a little processional on the reaches, with beating and running allowing different routes and chances to move up the fleet. graham
  11. With the big problems of weed taking over some lakes around the country, one of the worst hit clubs has started racing am 8M design that has a sloping integral keel that does a reasonable job in not attracting the weed. See the video below made by Mike Millard from Poole. Copy and paste into the address bar at the top
  12. Hi My understanding of a "good Gate" for a sailing course is that it should give no bias to either side of gate and be big enough for the boats to go through without too much problem. Now! what is a good width or distance between the marks to make the gate Good and fair? secondly, does it matter if the zone for each gate mark overlaps, if so how does the rules cover 2 zones? thirdly, Is there any time when a biased gate would be useful for the race team to set? I have raced at events where little consideration has been given to this important part of the race (I can be included in this as well) with only one side of the gate being used due to either being too wide or badly set so any constructive advise would be most welcome.
  13. I have read the articles and they are very clear and informative. I have also started reading the other articles in the other editions. I recommend them as a good read. graham
  14. Thank you very much John for your help Graham
  15. Hi Does a starboard running boat have any right of way over a port running boat that is also the inside boat at a gate mark of a course? If no, then why does a starboard tack boat have right of way against a port tack boat at a windward mark? Thank you for your help
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