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  1. Richard, what did you use for the deck covering?
  2. Richard if you are still looking, I have a Spook without a keel weight. A mast is available, as is a main sail. I have not cast a weight yet but I have turned a casting pattern. I am located in Derby and I would consider an offer for it before I progress.
  3. Other 10R sail number. Any help with related hull description and history would be appreciated. on the ‘Spook’ front, I have turned up a counterweight pattern from which I will make a mound and case the lead. then I will have to decide whether to make the fin or the weight removable for transport. Any experience of retro-fitting a keel box would be useful regards
  4. Hi tiggy_cat if you are interested in this I can sell it to you here for £220 but this is only for MYA members if you go through eBay the counter offer applies. Collection only remember.
  5. I have to wash them all through another program to reduce the file size. I’m only allowed 9.8 Mb in attachments , that equals 2 to 3 pictures / message
  6. Hi Gareth Where can i get this plan? If its possible could I have an enlargement of the Weight and dimension table in the middle of the plan and an enlargement of the sail plan so that i can read the dimensions please Regards
  7. Spot on thanks. can you confirm the weight as 14 lb I just can't read it What is the deck to mast head distance please Regards
  8. You have seen the Blue hulled yacht which by its dimensions could be a 10 rater or an A class, but from the job lot there is another boat of similar dimensions It carries the name Canada 1 with a Canadian flag sticker on the aft deck. the weight is missing and the seg angles forward unusually. this is the boat that i think the 10 rater sails were for. What sort of weight should I add/ as the mast of just longer than the hull. I checked each of the hulls I have and apart from Canada 1. only one other hull carries a name a marblehead with the name of 'Force 8' and the letters SLMYC. Who could help me with the Marbleheads? I can't find a contact for the class registrar on the MYA website.
  9. Thanks, I will act on both of those points. The hulls I have have no obvious marking but I will investigate further
  10. Thank you for this 1st step. The equipment I bought came from Bournemouth, but there is no hull with the name ‘Heather’, however I have a hull with a similar shape the ones on sale in the 6m group Regards
  11. I have bought a few yachts from an estate sale and on examination some sails had numbers. Can anyone help with the identification please. If the numbers are registered is there a hull description that could help me match the sails with a mast and a hull. the collection has only 1 named hull, a Marblehead named Force 8 but that hull carries no registration mark. any information will help. regards EB
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