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  1. David, Thank you following up on this, and with very useful background information. It turn out that the problem seems to be that the thread on the stainless steel rod used to attach the bulb to the fin (and then to the hull) was "threaded" and so the whole assemblage was able to work loose. Is suspect that a previous owner had tried to repair this by screwing a couple of brass srews into the forward part of the lead bulb and then packing the joint between the bulb and the fin (especially into the fin's foam filler) with Isopon or similar two part filler to "stick" the two parts together. To repair it myself I bought a 3.5 mm die and nut to re-thread the rod which had a 4.5mm thread and nut. This seems to have gripped and pulled the fin and bulb back together and have replaced the filler with CT1 (a waterproof mastic/glue). The proof will be how well this now stands up to racing....... Thanks for bothering to try and help; much appreciated. Regards, David
  2. Thank you Derek, I'll try and find him.
  3. I have a Venom A class bought 2 years ago from a Gosport member, called "Ausmosis". According to the certificate, the boat was built by J White in 2007. Can anyone advise where I might go to get a new fin and bulb? The bulb has worked loose on the fin and has clearly been repair previously. I can attempt another repair, but, if possible I'd prefer to replace the keel completely. Any ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks, David Cole
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