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  1. Thank you Lester and Mike for your advice, i will now get on the case and get her measured so i can use her for the odd meeting next year, thank you both
  2. I have a 6m Bob Underwood Dolphin yacht and would like to know is it within the rules and competitive or at least half competitive.
  3. Thank you everyone for your advice on scoring systems that you recommend, i will put these forward to Gresford SC club to consider. Best regards Bill Jones Captain of Gresford SC
  4. Can anyone recommend a club scoring programme such as Sailwave where the programme throws the worst scores etc and members can view at home the championship scores week by week we want something simple where we put in the scores and the computer does the rest.
  5. Thank you Austin for your time taken and good information, Best wishes Bill Jones
  6. Thank you Darin for your time taken to explain the ranking system, Martin Roberts explained it to me five years ago and it went over my head a little, I have an ambition to race in the Marblehead world championship at Wallasey, I raced motorcycles before running my own team's at the TT, Macau GP etc I get the same buzz in my stomach model yacht racing at my club Gresford SC i started the model yacht racing there, I am the club captain for the second year so my time racing is limited as we are also RYA affiliated and lots to do Covid related etc, I digress so thank you again Darin for your help, Best wishes Bill Jones
  7. Some years ago someone told me that to enter a World Championship in a UK meeting you or club has to be seeded or you have to have scored points i think he said, I am at a loss as to find out, Please can someone enlighten me on the procedure.
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