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  1. Weed Cutting Background In 2017 Rotherham MYC with the Sailing Club purchased a Reedman Weed Mate which is a 5ft wide reciprocating cutter on an adjustable shaft, driven by a 12v electric motor. The cutter is mounted on a bracket on the front of a Dory, and can be mounted on the transom next to the outboard. This replaced an old weed cutting boat that had to be scrapped. Weed has been an increasing problem in the reservoir since the floods of 2017 when the nitrate fertiliser was washed off the fields in the catchment area. Harthill reservoir is a Chesterfield Canal filler built in 1780s, with three higher smaller reservoirs. Blue dye cannot be used the water is flowing into the canal. Cutting When weed is cut, the wind and water-flow move the majority of the weed to the bank where it can be dragged out It is difficult to cut the weed on adjacent tracks in Sailing Area, so some weed is always missed. Cutting at right angles or on diagonal tracks cuts more of the missed weed. In the following days / prior to sailing the floating weed is raked from the Dory, but some is always left behind which catches on keels and rudders During the summer the water level falls and the weed grows, so weed cutting is an ongoing need. Finding sufficient number of volunteers especially with older and less agile members, is always a problem. Alternative Methods of Cutting Reedman who are based near Lincoln, offer a day based weed cutting service bringing a weed cutting boat on a trailer which cuts and collects the weed. They cut many rivers and canals for the Environment Agency and Canal & Rivers Trust, so you need to be make your bookings as early as possible to get into their diary; there are restriction on the distance of weed cutting near nesting birds.
  2. Noble Marine Insurance http://www.noblemarine.co.uk/ I have my IOM insured on my House Policy but it is only covered for theft from home or total loss eg sinking. I am my about to renew my home policy, so thought I reinvestigate Model Yacht Insurance I’ve insured my Streaker with that Noble Marine (in Newark) for many years; they are one of the major Insurance Brokers for sailing dinghies. I find that they offer a similar insurance policy for Model Yachts. The policy has a £50 (or £100) excess and covers loss and damage including while racing, in a very comprehensive policy. Knowing that at least one IOM was holed at the Fleetwood Nationals and the perpetrator paid for the repairs and delivery; maybe it is time that more of us considered insuring boats while racing. Accidents can and do happen and the attitude of skippers does not change because their boat is insured. The Racing Rules state we must avoid collisions and we have the Race Committee at our events to apply them. Claims can be made online and I’ve found that Noble Marine offer a very fast and positive response. There could be benefits to us all if a Class body or the MYA acted as ‘agents’. The Streaker Class have a website link to Noble Marine and members get a discount on their policy; in addition Noble have given ‘sponsorship’ to the Class which is used to sponsor the National Championships.
  3. Thanks Erick I contacted Halifax Insurance, my Contents only covers for Theft away from home, not covered in use. I did find a specialist Model insurance Broker (Highworth, I think) who quoted ~ £75.
  4. I want to insure my new IOM but can't find a suitable policy. How do members insure their Model Yachts? Does the MYA Public Liability provide any cover eg damage caused by collision? Are there Insurance Brokers that offer Model Yacht Insurance Dinghy Insurance Brokers eg Noble Marine, don't offer policies Home Insurance policies offer some cover but have limits on value and use eg are model yachts 'Sports Equipment' or 'Water Craft' There should be a market for model yacht insurance, has the MYA discussed it with Brokers? One possible benefit brokers eg Noble Marine, pay commission to Dinghy Classes which is used to sponsor events eg Nationals I can't find any advice elsewhere on the site Peter Cogill
  5. Hi John, Thanks for your speedy reply I have searched for 'IRSA Case Book Case R5', but only found and downloaded IRSA Case Book v1.1 May 2015 & IRSA_Addendum_Q_2014-06-06 I can't find any reference to Case 5 for Competitors Doesn't your reference to the 'race committee's organisation of the control area gives such a visual advantage to another or other competitor(s)' refers to where & what competitors can see etc compared to other competitors, rather than the use of equipment by an individual competitor. I don't believe that use of individual equipment eg starting watch or binoculars, is Outside Help, rule 41 and E4.2 are not applicable Peter
  6. I am new to Model Yacht Racing (IOM), but have been racing dinghies for many years. I've been told that it is not permitted for Skippers (or Observers) to use binoculars during a race. I have been searching for the appropriate Rule or SI, but can't find anything Please can you clarify if binoculars are permitted or banned (with link rules) Thanks Peter South Yorkshire
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