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Bulb upward cant


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Good day,

Does anyone have an explanation as to why the bulb on an IOM should be canted up at the forward end +/- 2 degrees?

How critical is it, and how do you measure it? I made a template of the fin and bulb, and measured 2degrees over the length of the bulb, then measured the "lift". Adjustments were made with flattened crimps in the bulb slot. All a bit crude.

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The boat tends to go bow down as the boat is driven forward.

The amount of up offset required varies from design to design and sail setting.

In other words there is NO magic offset amount . It is a comprise. However it is not likely to have a profound effect for most skippers, but it is that 0.01percent you might be looking for.

Interestingly the shape of leading edge of the bulb is probably more important

Helps ?

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