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Nicky Enion and David Perkins Gentlemen sailors from the East.

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So sorry and sad to hear of the passing of 2 of the Eastern District's gentleman sailors, Nicky Enion and David Perkins.


I was fortunate to be able to welcome both of them to Fleetwood for National Championships.

Nicky came for the 2017 Marblehead & 10r championship weekend and during the racing his phone fell out of his pocket into the lake. quick as a flash, Walshy ran to the clubhouse came back with a net, fished out the phone which still worked!! 

David came to the 2018 IOM Nationals and I learnt from him that he was a retired P&O cruise ship Captain. P & O being my wife & I's favourite cruise line David & I exchanged stories about their ships. 

I feel privileged to have known them both.


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