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  1. The Romanza that I have only has one attachement point to the mast, which is fine for standard and light sails. Given the high winds recently would a 2nd/3rd suit jib be attached to the same point? If there should be additional point does anyone have the distance to the deck for them as I cannot find a rigging guide for it. Many thanks Phil
  2. Try this site as well https://3dprintedradioyachts.com/why-3d-printing/ Its why I bought a printer Why not build a rocket
  3. Thanks Bill, I had hoped it would be the boat nearest the mark(zone which is more correct thank you) as that makes the most sense
  4. I presume the 'top' six inches are not bent sufficentlly and are discarded?
  5. Had an interesting conversation today regarding the overlap distance when aproaching a mark rounding in a mixed fleet of IOM, A Class, 1.5 Metre and AC, what clounts as four boat lengths? The shortest boat in the fleet the longest boat in the fleet or the boat nearest the mark Thought/interpretation?
  6. Eeekk! Good information though thank you, putting it into practice should be interesting I had presumed that the mast was pushed through the roller producing a curve, but from Dave's comment it's purelly pushing/deflecting the tube in a controlled manner at a fixed point.
  7. John, That looks great and I think I could make one of those How far up/down the tube are you bending/working? Phil
  8. question in the title really, how do you pre bend a mast? In my particular need for an IOM A and B rig, I know the offset is arount 15-20mm for an A rig and some form of jig is required but that is all i know. Any help appreciated
  9. Just thought I would let you know that I have found a Facebook page relating to the IOM class called "International One Meter Racing". https://www.facebook.com/groups/iomsailing/ There are some UK member but a good selection of worldwide input as well. Are there plans for a MYA facebook page? Phil
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