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  1. I clicking on add files but nothing is happening for some reason.
  2. I think I will clean her up, rig her then have a trial sail to see if she sails ok with the normal mast/rig config. Before putting work into restoring her. Just in case a mast step relocation is in order. I've not seen swing rigs for a class boats. I dont think they are allowed in racing? Not that I will be racing her.
  3. I think I may be getting there. The main sheet exits the hull through a tube which aims towards 3 eyes on the deck. I'm guessing either 2 sheets came right from the winch and one doubled back through the eyes, into the main boom tower, to the boom. The other went to the jib. Or, a single sheet came from the winch then split on deck to the 2 booms. One through an eye to the jib and one through an eye, then doubled back through another eye to the main boom tower.
  4. Definitely not a swing rig now and the mast provided fits the mast step perfectly!
  5. Any good tips for sail cleaning. They are a very similar material to sails on a 1:1 scale yacht. I think that's Dacron? They are mainly grubby with maybe a little mildew.
  6. Thanks for all the info. I think I will rebuild her as a cruiser. Gareth, your boat is a looker! I get the main boom sheet extension tube now. Strange though, there are no Mark's, fixings or anything on the deck to indicate a deck level closed loop. Unless pulleys were attached to the mast stay wire points (not the right terminology I know). I won the auction for £82. Felt like I was stealing it when I met it's nice owner. He had 2 very nice Robbe Atlantis models as well. Don't think she is quite as heavy as the 28kg mentioned on the auction! The keel weight is drilled with lots of holes. I'm guessing this was for meeting weights and measures.
  7. I have managed to buy an A class, which I have always wanted, on Ebay for a very reasonable price. I am not new to boats or rc boat not up to speed on model yacht rigging. I would like to know if anyone knows what this yacht is that I have bought? It is fibreglass. There is 1 tube from the winch to the deck, which i guess is for the main sheet, but what about the jib sheet? What is the ali tube that goes from the bottom of the hull, through the deck and has an inner pipe that exits at deck level. This tube does not exit the bottom of the hull ???? I am unlikely to race this boat and was thinking of a nice planked and varnished deck..... thoughts? And..... after typing all this, how can I attach pictures other than with a url? I am using my mobile!
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