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  1. If Bleddyn Môn, (INEOS Team UK mainsail trimmer) can sail an AC75 at 40kts with his thumbs then he'd probably be OK in our game. Picture is a bit fuzzy as he's in the background of one of Ben's hero shots.
  2. Rob, sorry for the initial basic reply I'm sure you know all of this but I thought I should cover all the bases for all readers searching for info on this. Attached is a manual for this winch downloaded from the Spanish RC shop iomdw.com. The manual shows connection and rating but makes no mention of any programmable features. At the end I list a translation of programming which may or may not help. The connections are the same as the RMG Smartwinch; power on the larger red & black which should be made using a decent battery connection such as a Deans , JST (JST RCY 2 pin) or an XT30, XT60 plug etc. A servo type plug is not really up to the job of supplying power especially when slightly corroded. The larger contact area of proper battery connectors really helps. The servo plug goes to the sail channel on the receiver where it also supplies regulated power from the winch for both the Rx & rudder servo, this is stated at 5V. The final wire with sleeving is used for programming. The only issue with this arrangement is you receiver will always report 5V no matter what condition the battery is in until it suddenly decides it's run out or you have taken it below it's recommended minimum. The RMG makes a faint beeping warning which may be the case here. I use a high voltage rudder servo and a receiver also capable of direct battery power so that my display always shows true battery voltage rather than the fixed regulated one, additionally if the winch has problems then at least the receiver and rudder should still operate. To do this you need to extract the +ve power pin from the servo plug and secure it safely out of the way in a dry place, you can then adapt your battery supply connection to also feed the Rx/rudder. Letting the battery +ve come into contact with the regulated 5V from the winch could kill it. Hope that helps, I use an RMG but have given this winch some consideration, Toby. - - CAUTION: Before you put the drum on the winch, to provide an initial setting, to recognize the point "zero" of the radio to the winch. INSTRUCTION TO SETUP THE WINCH: 1) place Tx stick at full in position 2) put on the radio 3) put on the boat 4) you hear a sound signal and the winch go to the minimum 5) connect setup cable to ground pin of Rx 6) you hear a 1st sound signal 7) move the stick to full out 8 ) you hear a 2nd sound signal 9) move the stick at full in 10) you hear a 3rd sound signal 11) using the stick, drive the winch out at the desired full out position 12) remove setup cable; you heard a long sound signal 13) put off the boat 14) put on the boat 15) the regulation are made. Control the correct working 7 NB Please note that if you need to reverse the rotation of the pulley, then you need to do the opposite sequence to = point <1> sails full out, point <7> sails full in, point <9> sails full out, point <11> run full in desired. Factory setting: The factory setting expected to, during full out, the pulley rotates "Clockwise" and during full in rotates "Counterclockwise" - The drum rotates for about 3 laps corresponding to about 30 cm with the drum included - provides the electronics to lower the maximum power at 5 volts to the receiver - if the battery is scheduled to open in mid-sails and rudder operation - in case of overload for 10 sec. enter into the winch protection. To unlock it to act up / down with the stick sails RESET PARAMETERS: - Follow the steps in setting from <1> to <12> - Replace the cable programming in the Rx - Remove the single cable programming. You will hear a "beep" confirms - Replace the cable programming in the Rx - Remove the single cable programming. You will hear a "beep" confirms - The winch delete your programming and reloads the factory settings. - Turn off power to the winch. Our winch can be programmed with a run from a minimum of about 5 cm to a maximum of about 60 cm. it is also possible to use the movement with lever instead of the drum. 8th SmartWinch.pdf
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