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    RME 01 http://sixmetreyachts.blogspot.com/?m=1 I believe Neil has a hull available and Sails. There is not a lot of information for the Force 6 and from what i gather it was the second design from the Australian Designer. Frank Russell Cerberus 6M looks very nice.
  2. Wow many thanks for the information. Very much appreciated
  3. Thank you for the response and information I will have a look at the links you have posted. next thing on the to do list is find a commercially available hull. many thanks
  4. Just wondering if anyone in the uk produces these hulls? or if plans are available for either of them. thanks
  5. Greetings all, I have decided to move to sailing and potentially a 6M just wondering what everyone is using for steering servo and winch equipment? thanks
  6. Thanks Gents. I’ll send an email to Scale hobbies and enquire.
  7. Hello Mike, Thanks for the response. I quite fancy scratch building, Decided to purchase the plans for The Force 6 6M class, unsure of the length as there was know mention in the plan description. Also purchased the Highlander A class plan. Yes definitely prefer a proper Yacht. I discovered that they Race Iom up here or at least they did at somepoint. Never seen any on the days that the club states on the site. Sticking with the bigger Class and free sailing is all I’m interested in at this moment in time. Looked at G B Rather expensive. The old nimbus 3 Looks a nice IOM Probably been asked several times but How many Rc channels do I need for operating? Kind regards Adam
  8. Thanks very much Mike, Know sailing clubs up in my city. The council decided to fill in the pond It was 4.5/5ft and now 16” max depth Apparently the pond was leaking, I suspect there was nothing wrong with the pond and the council did not want the extra cost. Know doubt health and safety had there hand in it. Any suppliers worth having a look at? I know there are plenty of plans out there for Scratch build. The older one’s A class, Highlander 6 meter, Force 6 6M, 6T6 Or newer Maybe Bantock? Kind regards Adam
  9. Forgot to say There is one A class that catches my Eye Highlander
  10. Thank you Mike, Might I enquire as to differences Between the 6 and A class? Hull, length Beam Weight etc. Also I come across J class yacht But I have know idea of draught required for them? Many thanks again. Adam
  11. Hi all, I’m new to the Forum and sailing Always wanted a sailboat, I’m limited to the draught as the pond is quite Shallow 15” depth. Would this class be better suited to my restrictive depth? I stumbled on to this website and wondered if anyone else had purchased or considered purchasing the hull? I’ve know idea of its origins. http://www.scalehobbies.net/GRPPICTURES3.html Many thanks Adam
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