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  1. It is quite late now to post comment on this, as the forum debate will end tomorrow. What it seems to me that we should discuss on the forum is whether to maintain the admirably open nature of the 36 rules by simply opting to remove the restriction to alloy/wood spars, or whether if we do introduce carbon to restrict carbon spars to a maximum diameter and thus ban wing rigs. If we are to allow carbon, I personally can't see why we shouldn't accept any configuration of carbon spar which future designers can dream up. Perhaps the more fundamental issue in question is whether to allow carbon at all, or to continue the current restriction to alloy/wood. Some think that keeping the rule as it is to would allow the class to continue as an inexpensive, fun to sail boat, which is also attractive as a youth boat, both in radio and free-sailing mode. Mervyn and Jacque
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