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  1. Excellent response, answered my question fully. Thank you all. Steve
  2. Just for my own interest, does anyone know where I can find the definition of "The Zone". I have looked on the net but haven't come across an actual definition. I know it's 4 boat lengths in model yachting, but is it to the centre of the mark, or 4 boat lengths from the radius of the mark? In full size racing the size of the mark is small compared to the length of a boat, but in our world, especially sailing the smaller boats and using full size buoys, the difference could be significant. I would appreciate someone pointing me in the right direction! Cheers Steve
  3. Hi All, Could someone recommend a permanent ink pen for signing sails. The signature on my sails has faded making it almost unreadable. I have contacted my measurer to get them resigned, no problem. But he says he has tried various makes of pen without success, they all fade over time. To help stop this problem from re-occurring, does anyone have a solution? Regards Steve
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