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  1. There was a post on the International IOM Facebook page some time ago about the Kingmax sail winch which is supposedly up to the job and much cheaper at under £35. Can this possibly work at this price and is it worth a punt? The link is http://www.bettynoirphotography.co.uk/rc-servo-kingmax-sw22hv-68g-22kgcm-digital-metal-gears-sail-winch-servo-17t-programmable-dual-ball-bearings-waterproof-for-rc-boats-airplanes-kuxr07-p-4750.html .
  2. I am new to the sport and have owned my IOM for a couple of months now. I have a Spektrum DX6i DSM2 transmitter with an AR6200 receiver. The transmitter is a few years old and works well enough, but is showing signs of age. The problem is that I am left handed and try as I might, I just can't get the hang of the rudder control being on the right side and the sail control on the left. My fellow sailors will attest to this as my boat does all sorts of daft manoeuvres, particularly when in close racing. I therefore need the controls to be the other way round. I think I can possibly change my existing transmitter, but prefer to buy a new one. Can anyone give me guidance on the following: 1) If I buy a transmitter in mode 1, will this achieve my aim of the left hand control working the rudder and the right one the sails? 2) If yes, will the left hand control have the spring that will centre it automatically? 3) If no, will I have to buy a mode 2 version and will there be any instructions that a non-technical idiot can follow to change the controls and the spring over? 4) Do I need to go to the expense of a new DX6i or will a cheaper DX5e do just as well? I really don't see paying over the odds for far more channels that I will need, but am happy to spend what it takes. 5) With a new DX6i or DX5e, will my existing receiver be ok or will that need replacing as well? Any help, thoughts or guidance will be very welcome. I apologise in advance if any of my questions are stupidly naïve, but I really don't have the first clue about this sort of thing. Can anyone direct me to any articles on the subject?
  3. Eric, that's superb. Thanks. Now bookmarked and the wire is out!! Thank you - I really appreciate this.
  4. Thanks Mike, Alf and Mark for your encouraging comments. I shall have a go at making one - how hard can it be?? Mind you if I was Ken Binks or Mike Clifton, I would be anticipating a call.
  5. Stephen Ridgway

    IOM Burgee

    I am new to the class having sailed dinghies and larger yachts for more years than I care to think about. My biggest problem is that I am so used to looking at the masthead burgee I really struggle to judge the wind direction with any degree of accuracy without one. Is it possible / practical to have one on my IOM (a Widget) and, if so, where can I buy one? If I do get one, are they actually visible and will they solve my problem, or do I need yet another trip to Specsavers and a lot more practice?
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