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  1. Hi Gareth, I have bought the SEPT 67 issue on eBay as I was curious. I'm stripping the hull down to sort out a leak and am constantly impressed at how well it has been made. Would you be able to give me advice on what epoxy to use on the outside of the hull and what paint to use? Tia, Michael
  2. This certainly looks very similar... Thank you. Strangely it has Swedish 3 crown roundels on it and just speaking to a someone at Howes in Oxford, he mentioned that it might have been built by a builder in Reading although he couldn't remember his name...?
  3. Thank you for having me on the forum. I have recently acquired a model yacht and was hoping to get some help identifying it? It is described as "Blue John" Metre Class Yacht, length 39", beam 7", it weighs 8.5 lb of which 4 lb is the keel. It also says, 'Not Eligible for Competition' I've attached some images here: All help would be gratefully received...
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