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Need advice on getting an old MRP Aussie 2 (Kyosho Ocean 500) sailing well please

Black Sheep

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About 14 years ago I built an MRP Aussie 2, sailed it a couple of times and then it's been sat in my room at my parent's since I moved out (11 years ago), it's spent the last 6 years on the lounge window ledge (mum likes yachts) a quick google appears to show that it's a re-brand of the Kyosho Ocean 500

Dad and I tried sailing it today and it was both enjoyable and a bit tricky, perhaps there was a bit too much wind and I've ripped the back of the mainsail. 

I'm thinking that the age of the sail and it having been sat in the sun for a number of years it may be best to replace them - my thoughts were to get some rip-stop nylon and make a new sail (I can sew well enough for the task) the same shape as the old with small eyelets to fix them to the rigging, would this be a good way to go about it or would you advise something else?

I was also thinking that it might be helpful to me for the jib to be a different colour as, when the boat is on the water I was loosing track of which end was which and where it was heading, especially when it broached and turned with me trying to react, I found I was having to make constant rudder inputs to sail the boat, far more so than when sailing a dinghy myself, I was expecting to have to helm it, but not that much! So any general advice on sailing model yachts gratefully received also (it's been some years since radio controlled tugs were a family hobby!) 



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Hi Mike, 

I'm coming to the conclusion that it was a bit heavy and shifty wind wise for the boat, you're quite right, it's much smaller than the Thunder Tiger Victoria I had intended to buy "can't get one of those at the moment sir, how about one of these?" 

If memory serves me correctly, it was turning to wind under a gust. 

I'm going to repair the sail simply my stitching the hole closed with some cotton, perhaps not quite ideal, but it'll allow me to use the boat again before making other drastic changes


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