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The little things that catch you out…. Rigs and Fins at Events.

Changing rigs and fins at IOM events?

While all the recent talk on rigs has been centered around the M, 10R and A class rigs and rules, we thought a refresher course in what is permitted in the IOM class at all MYA events from club to championship level may avoid confusion.

A look at the most recent copy of the class rules reminds us that only 3 rigs (one of each size) are permitted for an event, and may only be replaced with the loss of rigging, or loss or damage to sails with approval from the Race Committee.

See rules
C.7.1 & C.8.2

This is a heads up to those of you who may have more than one rig of the same size in your box, please check which one you are using; because to use more than one rig of the same size  during an event means that you are competing outside of the class rules and are liable to disqualification and possible further action.

The same applies for fins, bulbs and rudders. What you start the event with is what you finish with, subject of course to damage or loss and again, Race Committee approval.
See rule C 6.2

As it is the skippers responsibility to ensure that their boat and equipment is class compliant, now is the time with our first ranking events approaching to ensure you are in class and that you do your part in ensuring a level playing field within the rules.

One final point, Sail No’s and signatures; with the season starting it’s worth checking that all your sails are signed (and that the signature is still visible!) and that your Sail No’s are clear, visible and compliant. Sail Number and Lettering information can be downloaded HERE


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