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The De Quincey Cup 2023 – Report and Results

London Model Yacht Club

Inter-Club Team Racing for THE DE QUINCEY CUP

at Kensington Gardens Round Pond Saturday 18th March 2023

Three teams attended the De Quincey Cip for 10 Raters on a light and variable day at the Round Pond.

In the first fleet race, PRO Colin Harper supported by a team of Umpires led by David Lees, set a trianglular course which needed to be swung through 30 degrees before a fair first beat could be established.

For the race, points were awarded in accordance within the finishing position of the second boat in each team so although the race was won by a Frensham boat and Datchet were second across the line, it was London who took the early advantage with John Andrews scoring 4 points closely pursued by Phil Holiday of Datchet ( 5 points ) with the second Frensham boat scoring 7 points.

The Round Robin of team races required the course to be changed between each race but, although each team race was won by 10 points to 11 it was Datchet who emerged as dominant leaders winning both of their races. Frensham beat London to hold second place overall as the fleet took a break for lunch before the second, and by mutual agreement, the last race, a fleet race where the 3rd placed boat in each team had their score count towards the overall team score.

London Model Yacht Club’s slim chance of winning the event were dashed when Charlie Clarke made an almost perfect start only to get caught up on the inner start mark and requiring rescue. Frensham were showing well in the final race but, unfortunately, had a boat sail an incorrect course so with both London and Frensham scoring 9 points in the fleet race, Datchet consolidated their lead and were awarded the De Quincey Cup which will now be on display in the Datchet trophy cabinet until they defend their title in 2024.

I would like to thank all competitors for their patience as we sought to set fair courses and for the race team, Derek and Martin and to David Lee’s Umpiring Team who were fortunate,given the conditions that the competitors focused on completing courses in almost impossible conditions rather than getting too involved in the dark arts of team racing! Let’s hope for better conditions and more teams next time round.

Colin Harper



TeamFleet RaceRR1RR1RR1Fleet Race 2Total
 ( 2nd Finisher)Datchet V FrenshamFrensham V LondonLondon V Datchet( 3rd Finisher) 
Datchet51 1613 (1st)
Frensham761 923 (2nd)
London4 66925 (3rd)
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