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The 1st MYA National Champion of 2019 is….

Received in from Peter Whiteside.

Here is a brief report on the recent MYA Vane 36R National Championship,
held at Birkenhead 29th & 21st April 2019

There were 17 entries, including 3 junior skippers and about 10 other
juniors acting as mates. Clubs represented were Birkenhead, Bournville,
Clapham, Fleetwood, Gosport, Guildford and Leeds & Bradford. There was
sunshine both days and a light breeze. Thirteen heats were sailed then the
final scores calculated as a percentage of points sailed for.

1st    Shaun Wyeth            83%
2nd    Peter Hopkins          76%
3rd    Peter Stollery            71%
4th    Chris Harris               70%

On the Saturday evening most of the competitors attended a BBQ at Martin and
Andrea Roberts’ and a most enjoyable time was had.

At the Presentation, thanks were given to race organiser Martin Roberts,
Race Officials John Brierley, Bernie McNulty and Jack, also Joyce Roberts
for serving refreshments. All juniors received Easter Eggs. Overall it was a
most enjoyable and successful event.

Peter Whiteside,
Acting Free Sailing Class Captain

Thanks Peter, further reports indicate that this event was great for the kids.

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