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Technical Notes- May 2015

The MYA Technical Officer writes a report for each Council Meeting which we intend to publish an abridged version of in the news section after each meeting.

The report for May 2015 is as below: (full report will be posted in the Members Area soon)

Apart from the IOM there have been no technical issues on the other 5 classes since the January Council meeting.

IOM class


  • The technical query raised by member from Emsworth in December 2014, primarily concerned a ‘fitting’ hanging below the main boom to combine adjustments for kicker, mainsheet and outhaul adjustments. There was a similar fitting behind the mast for other adjustments. MYA tech team asked IOMICA for an interpretation, because the wording of the class rule was not 100% clear on this question.
  • In interpretation 2015-IOM-1, IOMICA confirmed MYA tech team’s view that these fittings were not permitted, because the potential for both these fittings was to fill the area of the triangle above the kicker with material that could act as a driving force.
  • However IOMICA’s interpretation immediately potentially put several manufacturers’ combined gooseneck and kicking strap fittings that use a vertical plate as the connection between these parts, out of compliance with the class rule. Any interpretation becomes a class rule until there is a class rule change. An example is the ball-raced fitting made by Dave Potter, which doesn’t add to ‘sail area’ as it is set below the foredeck bulkhead.


  • In view of the fact that the IOM World Championship was only a few weeks away, the MYA tech team immediately requested an emergency rule change to permit these fittings, as there were known to be hundreds in existence made by different manufacturers in USA, France, Australia, UK and may be elsewhere and these might be entered already in the IOM Worlds.
  • Robert Grubisa, IOMICA Technical VC agreed that these fittings had been in existence for several years without comment and that they should be accepted as permitted. IOMICA are now framing an emergency class rule to permit these fittings and MYA has made an input. An emergency rule change is expected by 27 April 2015.



  • A new MYA Certification Measurement Form and Certification Measurement checklists were issued on the website to be effective on 1 March 2015. Compared to the IOMICA forms, the MYA forms are shorter, more comprehensive, better presented and are related to use in the MYA, giving for example David Stewart’s address as IOM registrar. They are intended to make the Official Measurer’s measuring process including form filling, easier.
  • The tech team’s hope, in our last report, that we could change IOMICA Measurement VC, Laurie Neish’s mind on the ‘additional rigs issue’ failed so, we could not make any progress in further simplifying the paperwork. The additional rigs procedure remains the same.
  • If you wish to replace sails, they need to be measured by an Official Measurer and signed before use in competition. Exactly same applies when adding a new number 3 rig, for example, where a competitor only had two rigs previously noted on the certificate. However after measurement and signature the sails/rig may not be used in competition until an IOMICA Additional Rigs Form is completed and sent to the IOM registrar for a new certificate to be issued and received by the owner. Crazy!



  • The MYA tech team have been careful to only mention interpretations that are current on the new MYA Certification Measurement Forms. Unfortunately IOMICA are not so careful and have caused confusion over the question of multiple headsail boom topping lift restraint lines where the rule interpretation stated only one, but the subsequent class rule change permits more than one.
  • Where there is an emergency rule change it usually states the opposite of the interpretation. Hence it is necessary for such interpretations to be removed from the IOMICA website. However they are still there and hence causing confusion. We have written to Robert Grubisa IOMICA technical chairman, pointing out the need to remove them and also to update the class history, which should pick up and record these out of date interpretations, but this history has not been updated since 2010.

There are currently 131 Official Measurers and if you don’t have one in your club just contact your District Senior Measurer, whose phone number is in the Yearbook and he will be able to help you.

MYA technical team, 2015-04-25

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