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SWD Winter Series 2 at Yeovil 8th Dec 2019 Report and Results

A blustery and muddy Sutton Bingham Reservoir, but with the wind from the perfect direction (WSW).

The forecast predicted more, but apart from a single strong gust front the wind was mid to low B for the most part.

Very tricky sailing with big shifts and channels of wind. After 16 races it was a very good win from Gavin Watson.

A big thank you to Tony Edwards and his team for running the event.

Start … Fleet a bit depleted after we had a strong gust front come through!

And that’s the last we will see of this jib. A gust front with torrential rain and gusts over 30 knots split it down both seams.
Mike Cooke’s ‘Rocket’ (IOM) design
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