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Sam Gill

Next up for an article about members from the Northern District, here is Sam Gill. If you’ve met him, I can guarantee you will remember him. He is wonderfully friendly, always seems to have time for those around him. At my first meeting with him, I was the new boy in town, but he was instantly very helpful and friendly to me – helped me find my feet. So, in in his own words, here is Sam Gill’s model yacht story:

“I came to model yacht sailing late in life after discovering I had angina, and after a short illness I retired from active work at 60 years old and started wondering what the hell am I going to do to fill in the rest of my life. We have a family business which my son and granddaughter now run and the last thing they need is a silly old bugger like me butting in.

So, I’m still searching when I bump into Barry, a mate who had recently retired and he said he had made a tug and had joined a club at Yeadon, so on the Sunday I went up to have a look. I had a go with his tug and after the third circle I thought not for me, but then I spotted a couple of guy’s sailing scale yachts. I had a chat with them and they let me try one, great 👍a lot more thinking goes with sails I thought.

Then my father who was in his 90s was getting needing care. My sister lived with him but is partly disabled, so I moved down to Sheffield. My father passed away 2 years later, and I stayed in Sheffield to help my sister, and then I found Rotherham model yacht sailing club at Harthill only 6miles from the house. There I found competitive metre boat (IOM) racing I was hooked. I will never be a top league sailor but the enjoyment and the people I’ve met and become friend’s with has filled in my retirement and my life with joy.”

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