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Results for SWDCS6 @ Woodspring

Congratulations to CRAIG RICHARDS on winning this event.

12 Skippers attended the last of the SW IOM Summer Series.

Craig Richards & Vernon Appleton from outside the District had entered and were made welcome after their long distance commutes.

The wind gathered pace all day and really was good for B rig at the end although nobody changed down. Unfortunately the direction of the wind made it difficult to have a good course to windward although various changes to the marks were tried.

Owing to an absence of a few club members to assist with the event, 1 skipper was taken off in succession for each race to be line judge and assist with observing.  The finish line and scoring was in the good hands of Sue Conner.

Craig Richards started the day as he meant to go on by winning the first race. Tony Edwards needed a coffee after the first 2 races to get into the right mindset. It worked as afterwards he was always close to the front of the fleet for the rest of the day.

As you can see from the scores the rest of the fleet enjoyed the day with varying successes, but enjoy it they did.

At the closing ceremony Craig Richards was awarded 1st prize with Tony Edwards 2nd and Bob Conner 3rd.

Thanks were given to those that had helped to make the event a success.

A Memorial Trophy is given annually to a SW District member who has shown to be of good character in sailing with gentlemanly conduct. This year it was awarded to John White of Bideford club. Apart from attending many of the District events and some National events he has lead the way in helping others either by assistance with their boat tuning or interpreting the sailing rules to others to improve the general standard of sailing.

Congratulations and well done John.

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