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Report on the Chipstead DF95 Invicta Open Meeting 2nd March 2024

Thank you to all the participants for turning up at Chipstead on a damp and chilly Saturday morning.

At 8am the lake was rippled with a good breeze from the South to SouthWest which the Met Office was forecasting to slowly dissipate throughout the day. The only downside was the rain.

Competitors registered and were able to rig up in the warmth of the clubhouse out of the rain.

The wind was blowing diagonally out into the lake which necessitated the windward marks being set in the lee of the banks and trees setback from the lake. The start line and leeward marks were further out on the breeze. All eighteen competitors opted to sail with rig-A.

A short briefing welcomed all the competitors and introduced the race team. After the usual briefing topics, a brief discussion of racing etiquette and acceptance of penalties where appropriate.

Racing commenced at 10:05 with Craig Richards quick to show his form by taking the race from Nigel Barrow and David Adams. Race two saw the same sailors come to the front, but it was Nigel taking the win from Craig with David again in third. Race three saw Craig back in front, but David moved up to second place with Nigel in third. Craig won race four with Michael Lightwing in second and Nigel in third. Race five results were a repeat of race two. Race six saw Nigel back in front, chased hard by Colin Honour who held off a late charge from Craig. Race seven was a one, two, three for Craig, Nigel and David. In the last race before lunch Craig leapt into a good lead from David with Michael Barnes close behind in third place.

Lunch was taken at 12:30 with most competitors retiring to the warmth and comfort of the clubhouse. This was so welcome after a long morning out in the rain breeze.
Race results were entered and reviewed whilst sailors enjoyed a chat and a hot drink.

The top ten positions at lunch were as follows:

1. Craig Richards 7pts
2. Nigel Barrow 10pts
3. David Adams 16pts
4. Barrie Martin 31pts
5. Glen Meekomes 37pts
6. Mike Lightwing 39pts
7. Mike Brand 43pts
8. James Beale 45pts
9. Peter Jackson 45pts
10. Colin Honour 50pts

Craig had sailed exceptionally well all morning to take a small lead from Nigel, but the battle for places five to ten was very close.

During lunch, the direction of the breeze had changed, so a course adjustment was made moving the windward marks further to the right and adjusting the start line accordingly. The rain had also stopped which was welcomed by everyone. Race nine commenced just after 13:30 with David, Nigel and Craig quick to get back into the action at the front of the fleet. Race ten saw James Beale slip into the top three but with Craig and Nigel remaining in front. Race eleven saw a change of fortune. Mike Brand was quick off the start line and sailed a phase with the shifts to take a considerable lead which was never challenged. Robin Aldcroft found some form to follow him home in a comfortable second place with Nigel slipping into third. David Adams was back in front for race twelve chased all the way by Craig with Peter Glover sailing well to take third. Peter Jackson made the most of the port end of the start line to sail away. He was chased to the line by Mike Brand and Adrian Tomlinson. Craig won the final two races, demonstrating his ability to have an average start but sail tactically well to gain places on each leg to come through and win.

After race fourteen the breeze was starting to die away, so it was announced that race fifteen would be the final one.

A great day’s sailing came to a conclusion at 15:40. The race team packed up, sailors put their boats back into cars, race results were entered and calculated, hot drinks and cake was served in the warm cosy friendly environment of the clubhouse.

Prizes were also awarded to the top six boats.

The prize for the first home club boat went to Mike Brand in Fourth place.

Kind words of thanks were given by Craig for the days racing and the management of the day by the race team.

My thanks go to all those who helped, John Caruana for calling the finish line results, Stuart Ord-Hume for his photographs, mark placing and boat recovery duties. Rob Owens, for his all-round assistance, observing all day.

PRO Dave Allinson thanked all the sailors for their attendance at the event and wished everyone a safe journey home.



A great day’s racing with few incidents which were all resolved on the water. The main wind direction whilst not perfect for the lake was amply good enough for the top sailors to demonstrate their skills as the shifts rolled through the windward end of the course. It was also good to see the current Global and National champion sailing and so readily prepared to share his boat setup knowledge.

First Overall – Craig Richards

Craig Richards 1st Place DF95 Invicta Trophy 2024

First Club Helm – Mike Brand

Mike Brand First Chipstead Cub member presented with the Invicta Trophy

Dave Allinson
Chipstead SC – Radio Lead

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