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Report and Results DF65 TT5 on 23rd March 2024 at Lincoln Radio Sailing Club

First of all, a huge thank you to the Lincoln team:

Colin Helliwell Scoring
Tracey Ballington Scoring
Jen Hand Organiser
Judith Baldwin scoring
Darin Ballington RO
Tim hand ARO
Mick Chamberlain. Kitchen. You make the best bacon roles.

Without your time and dedication, this day would never happen. Thank you.

The Competitors

Onto the racing.
After a detailed briefing from Darin, the fleet was split into 2 heats.
Nearly all the competitors started with the B rig although the gusts were top end B Rig through the morning. At the end of the day the anemometer said average wind was 13 mph with gusts up to 31mph

The seeding races were held down the South bank. Craig Richard’s and John Tushingham appeared to be tied together with piece of string for the whole race with John just getting the win on the line. In the other race, Pete Baldwin and Nigel Barrow snuck through on the last beat to take the top spots.

A picture of concentration
Port tack start does not always pay

Racing continued through the morning with the strength of gusts increasing so that one or two C rigs appeared. Consistency was the order of the day by staying in phase with the significant shifts and after three races at lunch Nigel Barrow and Peter Baldwin headed the pack.

After lunch the gusts were more frequent and stronger and by race 5 we were all down to C rigs. John Brierley dominated the afternoon with John Tushingham a point behind in second. Barrow faded to third overall and Peter Baldwin to 4th having suffered some winch issues in 2 races. David Donin completed the top 5.

I have to say it was my first DF 65 meeting and I found the boats fun, easy to sail but hard to set up well and the one design nature provides a true test of sailing. Everyone abided by the rules with the help of some sharp eyed observers.

Another great day out in the world of radio sailing.


1st John Brierley
2nd John Tushingham
3rd Nigel Barrow

5th David Donin
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