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Radio and Free Sailing – Covid-19 Update – 27th November 2020

The MYA continues to work closely with the RYA to determine future opportunities for radio and free sailing throughput the UK. The situation is continually evolving with different Tiers or Levels applied to different geographical areas at different times. It remains the responsibility of clubs and individuals to adhere to the legislation and guidance applicable in their area at any given time.

It may be possible to start sailing again with more than two participants in England from next Wednesday, 2nd December. Although the Government have published a Covid-19 Winter Plan, which indicates that outdoor sports may be undertaken again in all Tiers, the RYA are still waiting for the sport specific guidance and Government legislation to be issued so that they can best advise on how we may proceed. We will update all Clubs and Members as soon as we have further information.

Sports Clubs are once again able to organise outdoor activities and so MYA clubs can sail with up to 30 participants. Clubs need to ensure that they take all reasonable measures to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus.

The Protection Level system remains in place. Regular updates are announced by the Scottish government regarding what level applies to which council areas. It is noted that movement out of and into Level 3 and Level 4 areas should be avoided.

Northern Ireland
The NI Executive has advised everyone to stay at home. There should be no household gatherings, other than those involving support bubbles. Only leave for essential purposes such as education, healthcare needs, to care for others, or outdoor exercise. RYA NI understands that you can form one bubble with one other household and that a household cannot be part of more than one bubble.

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