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Radio and Free Sailing – Covid-19 Update – 25th October 2020

25 October 2020

1. Introduction of the Tier System in England

On the 12th October 2020, the UK Government announced the Introduction of a Covid Alert Tier system for all areas in England. There were 3 Tiers:
Tier 1 – Medium
Tier 2 – High
Tier 3 – Very High

Organised Sport can continue all areas in the Tier system and for MYA Clubs this means following the Guidance issued on 18th September and available on the MYA website. Here

One of the main differences resulting from the Tier Levels is associated with travel to a club location and what is allowed. There is a Sport England Q&A page here which makes the following statements that should help to clarify what is and isn’t allowed:

Can people travel to take part in sport and physical activity?
This depends on the area’s Coronavirus alert level.

Medium (Tier 1): Yes. However, people shouldn’t travel into very high (Tier 3) alert areas to take part in sport and physical activity.

High (Tier 2): Yes, travel for physical activity is allowed within and in/out of the area to fulfil a fixture or attend an organised sporting event. However, it’s recommended that travel is minimised where possible. People shouldn’t travel into very high (Tier 3) alert areas to take part in sport and physical activity.

Very high (Tier 3): People are advised not to travel into or out of areas that have a very high alert level, including for sport, unless this is necessary to enable individual exercise or to exercise for people from the same household or support bubble. This doesn’t apply to travel where it is necessary to enable disability sport, sport for educational purposes, elite sport or supervised sport and physical activity for under-18s to take place.

To summarise:

If you live in a Tier 3 area and your club is in the same Tier 3 area, you may travel to it and compete, but should not travel outside of that area to compete.
If you live in Tier 1 or 2 and your club is in that same Tier area, then you may travel to it to compete, but do not travel unnecessarily
If your club is in Tier 3 and you live outside of that area (in Tier 1 or 2) , then you are advised to NOT travel to the club to compete.

2. Coronavirus Firebreak in Wales (from 23/10/20)

This new guidance for Wales comes into effect at 6pm on Friday 23rd October 2020 and continue until Monday 9 November 2020.
Although outdoor exercise is still allowed in Wales, the rules do not allow you to drive to the place of exercise, nor does it allow multiple households to mix. Radio and Free sailing does not therefore appear possible in Wales for now.

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