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Proposed 36″ Owners Group Rules

In conjunction with the MYA Peter Moore has now prepared some proposed rules for the 36″ Owners Group.

“I am proposing that these are adopted by the owners as the rules of The Owners Group, and that owners vote accordingly . Voting will close at midnight Friday 7th April 2017 and a simple majority of votes cast will determine the result.

The proposed rules are available to view on the MYA website, just follow the link 36″ Proposed Class Owners Group Rules

If these proposed rules are adopted, then any proposed change to the 36″ Class Rules will need to be put forward under these rules. So far as I am concerned there are now no proposals outstanding in respect of 36″ Class Rule changes .

I am sorry that we have had these delays, but I hope, that with these new short simple Owners Group Rules , we can in future manage any proposed changes much more smoothly.

Best wishes

Peter Moore”

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