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November 2024 MYA Annual General Meeting – Where do we go?

MYA Council Chat

2024 AGM you say, but we’ve only just had the 2023 AGM!

Booking a venue for the MYA AGM is an important task that needs doing in January or February, and we would like your help and views on where to hold it this year.

The council are targeting a venue that is close to a major transport link, has capacity for up to 200 people and space for our trade show and boat jumble. Ideally, we would like somewhere with a room that we can host visiting speakers as well.

Our initial thoughts are in the M1, M40, M25 triangle, although if a fantastic venue is suggested elsewhere then we will certainly consider it.

It would be great to support the sailing community by going to a sailing club but will give priority to a place that we feel will attract the best attendance.

Any thoughts, or ideas please contact Jen Hand our Secretary here and she will respond and forward your suggestions to the Feb council catch up meeting.

Take Care and Safe Sailing

MYA Vice-Chair.

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