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MYA Technical Team Response to the Draft Rule Change Proposals for M, 10R and A Class.




In from the MYA Tech Team

The MYA’s response to IRSA’s draft rule proposals is now published in the Knowledge Base.

Member’s comments sent to the Technical Officer in December on the M, A 10 rater class rules have been incorporated in the margin of the draft rules themselves. Included in table form is a précis of responding members comments and the views on the controversial new rules being introduced by IRSA. As well as IRSA’s response, there are letters concerning the banning of certain low rigs, the introduction of multiple certificates and debate on the A and 10 rater rules, which make for good reading.

Roger Stollery 2016-01-27

The documents can be viewed HERE under the relevant Class header and also the Non Class Specific header.

(Look for “MYA Tech Team Response – Jan 2016” in the title)


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