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MYA Radio League – 1st Qtr Update from the League Secretary

As the first quarter of the 2016 Season clicks over, I thought it might be helpful for members to be reminded of the Radio League, its objective and how everyone can support it.
MYA Council agreed last year to reinstate the Radio League with effect from 1st November such that the League year runs from 1st November to 31st October of the succeeding year. This is to ensure that the final results and output of the League is available for the MYA AGM.

The prime objective of the Radio League remains:

The MYA League Championship is a competition to further clubs’ enthusiasm for open racing and to encourage club members to enter Open events, both at their Home Water and at Away events in support for their club.
Members will hopefully have seen some information in the recently published ‘Acquaint’, although there is a particular mis-type that needs correcting. This relates to the number of points scored by the winner of a qualifying League event. For the purposes of the Radio League, there is no differentiation between a National Championship event or any other Open event. The winner scores 100 points and each successive place proportionately less, the difference between each place equating to 100 divided by the number of competitors at the event.
In addition, a ‘travelling bonus’ is added to the points scored on the basis of 2.5 points for each event sailed at a club within the skipper’s own district, other than their home club, and 5 points added for attending an event in a district other than their home district.

Clubs also have a hosting bonus added to their scores, particularly with the aim of encouraging clubs to volunteer to host events.

The following summarises the first three months racing activity.
In the period 1st November 2015 – 31st January 2016, there were originally 18 events scheduled to have taken place (12 IOM, 5 RM and 1 R6M). Unfortunately 2 of those had to be cancelled, thus 16 events so far have been held and are incorporated in the following.
11 IOM, 4 RM and 1 R6M have taken place. Overall 178 different skippers have taken part with a total of 289 race entries, averaging almost 17 per event. One of the most encouraging aspects is, that of the 178 different skippers, no less than 41 were not recorded as having participated in open radio events last year so are ‘new’ to the League. Long may such growth in numbers and interest continue.

I should remind you that there are principally 3 competitions that run together, the Individual Radio League, the Club Radio League and new for this year, the highest level of club improvement using the previous season as a base.

So far the leading individuals are :

Darin Ballington, James Edwards and Colin Goodman, all with over 300 points whilst a further 17 skippers exceed 200 points.

But there is a long way to go, as if all the remaining scheduled events take place there are well over another 110 opportunities for members to join in and score points, both for themselves and, of course, for their club.

The currently leading clubs are :
Manor Park, Chelmsford, Eastbourne and Guildford, all with over 1000 points.

And the clubs leading the improvement competition are:
Woking, Norwich and Emsworth Slipper, all with a Performance Improvement Rating of over 100.

Please don’t forget to e-mail the results of such open meetings to johna8tsmith “at” but equally as important, view the detailed results and tables to see how you and your club are doing by clicking HERE

More progress reports to follow throughout the season.

John Smith
Radio League Secretary

Download this report for club members HERE

Full details on the MYA Radio League can be found on the webpage  HERE

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