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Minutes of SW District AGM 2019

Apologies from Ken Thompson.

Minutes of 2018 AGM  Accepted.

Secretary’s Report.
West Cornwall are unable to continue with hosting Distrct events at this time due to a lack of available members. They hope to do so some time in the future.
Cotswold club which I’m told has a number  of small boat skippers is bucking the trend with members taking an interest in IOMs which is encouraging.
Yeovil club is continuing to run District events after having new marker bouys.
Dates for the summer District IOM events have been agreed. The Four Winter events are scheduled but awaiting a December date for Yeovil.

Election of Officers. A District Councillor post still remains vacant for anyone who wishes to take up the post.
Having decided to stand down as District Secretary I’m delighted to welcome aboard Craig Richards who has volunteered to be the new SW Disrrict Secretary. Those of you that know him will appreciate that he is well respected in model yachting circles and is an excellent skipper. The handover will be a gradual affair to enable him to understand the position.

Propositions – none

AOB – none
Meeting closed.

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