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Mermaid Trophy & GAMES 6 at Guildford MYC Report

2021 Mermaid Trophy report

Some of the best Marblehead sailors in the country from 3 districts entered this annual event for the famous bronze Mermaid.  A fleet of 12 took to the water in brilliant sunshine and a cantankerous breeze, which couldn’t make its mind up whether it was northerly or north-westerly.  RO Martin Crysell twice reset the 100 m windward/leeward course as the wind went gradually more westerly in the afternoon, with even more variable direction and strength.  Despite this a total of 16 races were sailed.

During the early part of racing we were honoured by having a fly past of the Red Arrows directly overhead, on the return to their base having flown over Windsor Castle for Trooping the Colour.

From the start it was clear that Peter Stollery sailing his UPFRONT was going to be the boat to beat with 5 clear wins only interrupted by a 4th in Race 4, beaten by Phil Holliday & Darin Ballington sailing GRUNGEs and Rob Wilson racing a STARKERS.  His dad, Roger beat him in Race 6 and then he lost the next 3 to Tony Edwards, who was sailing a GRUNGE.

The lunch break was enjoyed by all not just the break from racing, but as Darin put it “I enjoyed being out with my sailing ‘buddies’. and a catch up on the lost months.

Unsurprisingly Peter was at the top of the Lunchtime Leaderboard with 11 points, followed by Phil with 25 & Darin with 26.

In the afternoon, Peter didn’t have it all his own way as Darin beat him in Race 10, as did Rob in Races 11 and 13 & Phil in Race 12.  Keith Parrott, who was scoring, observed that Peter certainly gave a master class in picking the right course and spotting the wind shifts.”  Peter put his success  down to “…good starts and balanced swing rig, which he altered very little from the totally slack ‘sail bag trim’, just tensioned with the last 50 mm of winch trim with the transmitter, as necessary when beating.”

The prizewinners thanked the Guildford/Frensham race team for running another good event at Abbey Meads, despite the frustrating wind.



1st Peter Stollery Guildford UP 19

2nd Rob Vice Guildford GRUNGE 39

3rd Darin Ballington Manor Park GRUNGE 45

4th Tony Edwards Yeoville GRUNGE 50

5th Phil Holliday Datchet GRUNGE 51

6th Roger Stollery Guildford UP 70

7th Rob Wilson Lincoln STARKERS 73

8th Michael Thomas Eastleigh STARK 86

9th Peter Jackson Hollowell UP 92

10th Peter Kirby RSW PRIME NUMBER 116

11th John Cleave Ryde GRUNGE 137

12th Geoffrey Bremner Datchet F5 161


Winner of Best Improver’s prize &

Vic Cooney Trophy – Tony Edwards


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