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MYA Standard Sailing Instructions (SSI’s) 2017 (Current)

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The MYA SSI’s are used to provide a framework to the racing and indicate to competitors the schedule of racing. This document is regularly updated to take into account changes of rules and regulations.

Certain items can be amended by the race team to suit the event timings or local conditions. A downloadable version is available at the bottom of this article.

Standard Sailing Instructions (SSIs) for radio sailing

Competitor obligations are shown in blue font, race committee intentions in black font. RRS defined terms are in italics.

1. General

1.01 MYA National Championship and National Ranking events.

(a) The organising authority for the ranking series is the Model Yachting Association.
(b) Except where additional sailing instructions have been previously agreed with the MYA Racing Officer and published in a Notice of Race issued at least two weeks prior to the event, or where additional sailing instructions are permitted in SSI 4.03, the race committee will not change these SSIs or any other rule of the RRS or the MYA.

1.02 For other events, the organising authority is the host club.

1.03 Except for overseas competitors, entries will be accepted from MYA affiliated members only.

2. Racing Rules

2.01 Racing will be governed by the current version of the following: the Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) including Appendix E, the Class Rules, these MYA Standard Sailing Instructions, the MYA National Championship Regulations and the MYA Ranking Event Regulations, as appropriate, and for events with more than one heat, the Heat Management System (HMS).

2.02 Symmetrical numbers 01, 08, 10, 18, 80, and 81 shall permanently display a prefix ‘1’, unless the number requires changing in accordance with RRS E8 G1.3(b), where there is a further conflict at an event. Sail numbers compliant before 2017 are grandfathered by RRS E8 G1.1 (b). RRS E8 G1 applies to all MYA classes. See also MYA Sail ID (SID) for sail identification guidance.

2.03 Defining launching and control areas, displaying a course board and appointing observers shall be mandatory, not optional as stated in E 3.1, E3.2, E3.3 and E5.1(a).

2.04 Launching and relaunching

(a) A boat scheduled to race in a heat may be launched, held in the launching area, taken ashore or re-launched at any time during the heat. However, she shall not be released for the first time during a heat after the first boat in that heat has finished.
(b) Boats shall be launched or recovered only from within a launching area.
(c) While ashore or within a launching area, boats may be adjusted, drained of water or repaired; have their sails/rigs changed; have entangled objects removed; or have equipment repaired or changed.

2.05 Shortening or Abandoning after the start
RRS E3.8(d) is deleted and replaced with: RRS 32.1(b) is changed to: ‘because of thunderstorms.’

2.06 The Time Limit for the completion of a heat as RRS 35 will only apply to the last heat of the day as in SSI 5.04 or any earlier times set in SSI 4.02(b).

2.07 Except as in SSI 2.08, the Time Out Limit for racing after the first boat finishes shall be 5 minutes.

2.08 At the expiry of the Time Out Limit: (a) if 4 or fewer boats are still racing on the water they shall be recorded according to SSI 2.09, or (b) if more than 4 boats are still racing on the water Time Out Limit shall be extended until only 4 boats remain racing on the water, at which point they shall be recorded according to SSI 2.09.

2.09 Boats failing to finish within the Time Out Limit shall be recorded as DNF, OCS, DNS or DNC in that order, as appropriate. DNF boats still racing on the water at the end of the Time Out Limit will be recorded with finishing places according to their order on the water. These boats will be scored according to their finishing places.

2.10 SSI 2.07, 2.08 & 2.09 change RRS 35, A3 and A5.

3. Before or at Registration

3.01 Competitors shall present to the race committee a valid certificate for the boat to be sailed, and if applicable, the owner’s valid Personal Sail Number certificate. A printed paper copy of the valid certificate(s) will be acceptable. Unless entered on line, competitors shall also present their completed MYA Emergency Contact Form.

3.02 If the boat certificate and PSN certificate are not available at the event, but the competitor claims that they exist, the competitor shall sign a declaration to that effect and send a copy of the certificate(s) to the race committee within seven days of the end of the event. Failure to comply will result in disqualification from the event and a written report being sent by the race officer to the MYA Racing Officer.

4. Initial Briefing and Changes to the Sailing Instructions

4.01 Except where stated in the NoR or other announcement to all competitors after the closing date and no later than 7 days before the starting date, the initial briefing for the event will start at approximately 09.45 hours and on subsequent days of the event or on the second day of a two day ranking event weekend the briefing will start at approximately 09.15 hours.

4.02 The initial briefing will be held before the start of racing to announce:

(a) the sound signal which will precede all subsequent briefings, announcements and changes to these sailing instructions,
(b) any changes to the racing times set out in SSI 5.04,
(c) a description of the course, the marks, the start and finish lines, the order and sides of the marks to be passed,
(d) the warning signal for the starting sequence and the sound signal for a general recall,
(e) the method of sourcing observers (and umpires when used) for each heat,
(f) the definition of launching areas determining access to shoreline areas and control areas, including instructions to take account of local conditions,
(g) the location of the official notice board with protest and measurement procedure
and the course board with information clearly visible to competitors while racing,
(h) instructions about the use of rescue boat and any safety matters,
(j) the timing of refreshment breaks,
(k) whether the event will be sailed in one fleet or in heats and whether Schedule ‘B’ or Schedule ‘C’ in HMS is to be used.

4.03 Permitted changes to the sailing instructions as outlined in SSI 4.02 (c) to (j) may be made at any time between heats, while changes as in SSI 4.02 (k) may be made at any time between races, prior to the warning signal.

5. Racing Times

5.01 Racing will start as soon as possible, but not less than 15 minutes after the briefing start times in SSI 4.01, or in exceptional circumstances and where all competitors agree, at a later time.

5.02 Except for refreshment breaks announced at the initial briefing, a warning signal will indicate the starting sequence for the next heat as soon as practicable after a heat has been concluded.

5.03 Unless authorised by the race committee, competitors shall sail only when scheduled to race. When this instruction is broken a penalty, as rule RRS E7, may be applied.

5.04 Except where an announcement is made during the initial briefing, or in exceptional circumstances and where all competitors agree, racing will continue until the following times:

(a) during a multi-day event, no heat shall start after 18.00 hours. Any heat will be abandoned if the first boat in that heat has not finished before 18.30 hours.
(b) at the end of the first day of a ranking event weekend, no race will start after 18.00 hours. Any race will be abandoned if the first boat in ‘A’ heat has not finished before 18.30 hours.
(c) at the end of a multi-day event, or at the end of the second day of a ranking event weekend no race will start after 16.00 hours. Any race will be abandoned if the first boat in ‘A’ heat has not finished before 17.00 hours
(d) if boats are still racing at the time limits above, SSI 2.07, 2.08 and 2.09 will apply.

6. Withdrawn Boats

6.01 Any boat that intends to withdraw from the racing, either permanently, or temporarily, is asked as a matter of courtesy to inform the race committee at the earliest opportunity.

6.02 Withdrawn boats from those scheduled to sail by the race committee in a multi-heat event are covered by HMS 1.3.

6.03 A boat retired from the racing in a single heat event will be recorded as DNC and, subject to SSI 6.04, may return to racing at any start.

6.04 A boat retired from racing or a withdrawn boat shall inform the race committee when she is ready to re-join the racing and before launching.

7. Protests

7.01 The race committee may use MYA SYRPH, a SYstem for Reducing Protest Hearings. This will apply after the heat and before the related protest hearing that may result from this procedure.

7.02 The protest committee will consist of three persons, which may include competitors, competent persons and Regional, National or International Judges. If a party to a hearing objects to a competitor being a member of a protest committee, because of a conflict of interest, the objection may be made under RRS 63.4.

8. Scoring

8.01 For multi-heat events the RRS A4 Low Point system, as modified by HMS 2.4 and 3.4 applies. This also applies when a 2 heat event is rescheduled to a single heat.

8.02 For single heat events the RRS A4 Low Point system will apply, but with RRS A4.2 replaced by: Boats recorded as DNF, RET, OCS, DNS, DNC, BFD, DSQ, DNE or DGM shall score one more point than the last boat in the race would have scored if all boats competing in the race had finished correctly.

8.03 Breaking of ties in a single heat event, other than at the finishing line when RRS A7 will apply. When a tie between two or more boats is to be broken, it shall be decided in favour of the boat with the most first places, and when the tie remains, the most second places and so on. When the tie still remains it shall be decided in favour of the boat with the best score in the last race in which there is no tie and, should the tie still remain, by the toss of a coin or the drawing of lots. This changes RRS A8.

8.04 For excluded scores in single heat events, see HMS 1.6: discards after 4, 8, 16, 24 races & so on.

9. Objection to action by the race committee

9.01 If a competitor believes that the race committee has not complied with RRS 90.1 (either by breaching these Sailing Instructions or by acting in a manner that may affect the outcome of the event) and redress under RRS 62.1(a) is not an option, the competitor shall bring the matter to the attention of the race committee at the earliest opportunity during the event.

9.02 If the matter persists, the competitor shall submit a written complaint to the race committee on the day during which the matter arose, but before the end of racing as set out in SSI 5.04 or SSI 4.02(b).

9.03 If the race committee fails to address the complaint to the satisfaction of the competitor before the end of the event then the competitor shall refer the matter to the MYA Racing Officer.

9.04 If the competitor fails to record the complaint in writing as above, this will indicate an end to the matter and no further action will be taken by the MYA Racing Officer or MYA Council.

© 2017 Model Yachting Association – SSIs 2017-02-07 – Effective: 7th February 2017

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