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MYA Race Levy Regulation

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The MYA Race Levy will be collected to create a fund which is available for the future enhancement of racing within the MYA racing structure in the UK. The allocation of this fund shall not be fixed, but in generality shall be for the benefit of those attending racing events across the UK and will be under the control of the MYA Racing Officer and the MYA Treasurer.


The MYA Race Levy will apply to all Radio National Championship and Ranking events. Free sailing events will be exempt.


MYA Radio Sailing National Championship -£3.00 per skipper /per day

MYA Ranking Event -£1.00 per skipper / per day

This will be collected as part of the race fee and is a first charge on the entry fee and is not an optional payment by the host club.

The MYA Race Levy Shall be included in the pre-event budget for National Championships.

The value of this race levy shall be reviewed annually and agreed prior to the online publication of the MYA Calendar.

Operation of the System:

  • The MYA Race Levy is to be collected by the host club within the event entry fee and shall be remitted to the MYA bank account within 14 days of the event taking place along with any agreed event surplus share.
  • The income will be held within the MYA accounts and shown within these as a “Race Levy fund” as a separate fund to general MYA funds. The balance available at year end shall be rolled forward and reported on for the information of members at the AGM.
  • Expenditure charged against the” Race Levy Fund” will be under the control of the MYA Racing Officer and Treasurer and any request for access should be directed to the MYA Racing Officer.

Other Levy’s:

Where agree with the MYA Council, other levy’s,such as a class levy, may be collected at National Championships and Ranking events but shall be recorded in the pre-event budget as a separate item.

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