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MYA Measurers – How to Become One

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How do I become a Measurer?

The MYA is delegated authority in a formal agreement with the RYA to appoint Official Measurers, necessary to certify the majority of classes we sail, and to develop a Sail Measurement course subject to the approval of the RYA.

The full formal agreement, recently updated, is attached below.

Applicants to become a MYA Sail Measurer will need to satisfactorily complete the Sail Measurer course. Interested parties should contact the MYA Technical Officer for further information.

Once appointed as a Sail Measurer they may apply to become a MYA Class Measurer. This will entail satisfactorily completing the general and class specific training. The training material for the generic and most class specific training can be found at the links below.

Current MYA measurers retain their appointment until the end of 2023 but will need to re-train, as above, if they wish to become an Official Measurer

List of current measurers and their Clubs can be found in the Members Area of this website.

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