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This page is for lodging material that can be accessed easily by the MYA’s Official Measurers.


The IOM, M, 10R, 6 Metre and A Class rules all require the measurer to be an Official Measurer as defined by the ERS as someone appointed by the relevant World Sailing member. In the UK that is the Royal Yachting Association.

The RYA’s Sail Measurement course is the pathway to become a Sail Measurer appointed by the RYA as an Official Measurer. Once this step has been taken the measurer will be confident to certify sails for all classes that use the Equipment Rules of Sailing (ERS) definitions/terminology and Standard Class Rules (SCR) format.

The IOM, M, 10R and A Class rules all follow the ERS and SCR system thus permitting easy access to Section G of the class rules that is relevant to sails. The 6 Metre class uses ERS terminology, but not the SCR format, so measurers should find no particular difficulty adapting to this class too.

By its nature the Sail Measurement course deals with the basic principles of certification of sails and concentrates on those terms and measurements common across many classes and as defined in the ERS. However, there are other class rules that are specific to the classes we sail and which introduce peculiarities that will not be covered by the Sail Measurement course. The Official Sail Measurer Supplementary Notes (see below) are intended to collate that material together in a form that is readily accessible to the Sail Measurer.


The IOM, M, 10R, 6 Metre and A Class rules also require the certification of other equipment to be carried out by an Official Measurer. It is the responsibility of the MYA to appoint Class Measurers for its classes from amongst the Sail Measurers.

Those Sail Measurers wishing to become class measurers should prepare for this work by looking at the study material available below.

Existing Class Measurers who have gained Official Measurer status by the end of 2023 are encouraged to use the study material to improve their awareness of measurement practice.

Generic Measurer Study Material – contains information that is relevant to all classes and provides the basic building blocks for all class measurement.

Class Specific Study Material – one document for each class provides information that is particular to the relevant classes.

Those wishing to become 6 Metre and A Class will also need to learn how to take the more complex measurements of hulls that are beyond the scope of these documents.

If you are a Sail Measurer who wants to move on to measure other equipment and boats you should start by looking at the information here. When you are comfortable that you have absorbed the information sufficiently get in touch with the MYA Technical Officer and you will be asked to demonstrate that by answering some suitable questions.


The 36” Class rules no longer require measurement to be carried out by an Official Measurer. It is sufficient to be appointed by the MYA alone.

There is no measurement of sails in the class, other than of the class insignia, so the process of becoming a Class Measurer is as above but omits the step of becoming a Sail Measurer.


Accurate weighing of equipment is essential in the IOM, 10R, 6 Metre and A Class. Different approaches to this aspect of measurement have evolved creating a lack of confidence.

However, the Generic Measurer Study Material specifies a standardised procedure that identifies whether the equipment used is of a satisfactory standard and corrects any measurement taken by comparison with known standards (calibration weights).

MYA Weighing Equipment Correction – gives a standardised procedure using a MS Excel spreadsheet.


Please note that the certification software of the classes referred to here, and the MYA Weighing Equipment Correction software, use MS Excel spreadsheets. The class rules require a valid certificate to be issued on the approved software. Attempting to use that software on machines that are not capable of working correctly with MS software will not result in a valid certificate and may frustrate the patience of the MYA’s registrars.


It is normal for the activities of Official Measurers (OMs) to be covered by insurance. OMs who are members of the RYA are covered by the RYA’s insurance. OMs, not members of the RYA, and who are members of the MYA are considered to be officers of the MYA and are covered by the MYA’s insurance.


Equipment Rules of Sailing – ERS

International Measurers Manual – IMM

RYA Sail Measurement course

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