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MYA Constitution and Governance

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The stated objects of the MYA are

  1. Promote the sport of radio and free sailing in the UK
  2. Act as the governing body of radio and free sailing in the UK
  3. Act as the class association for radio and free sailing in the UK as recognised by the RYA
  4. Act as the Delegated National Member of IRSA
  5. Act as the class association for MYA National Classes
  6. Encourage membership of the Association
  7. Create and maintain a racing structure for its Members

In order to carry out the Objects and other necessary work of the MYA it is necessary to have a framework within which the officers and Members of the Association can work. These are broadly set out in the MYA Constitution and in more detail within the Regulations which are updated periodically to take account of progress and changes within our sport. The constitution and the latest Regulations can be downloaded below.

The MYA is affiliated to a number of organisations relating to the sport of sailing, click on the links below to find out more:

International Radio Sailing Association (IRSA)

Royal Yachting Association (RYA)

International One Metre International Class Association (IOMICA)

International Marblehead Class Association (IMCA)

International Ten Rater Class Association (ITCA)

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