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MYA Club Application Guidance

Guiding Principles:

The MYA shall encourage Radio and Free Sailing clubs to join the MYA and build the membership to grow the sport of racing. However, this should not be to the detriment of existing members or the sport as a whole.

This membership guidance is written to ensure:

A. The sustainability of the sport
B. A balanced spread of clubs
C. The development of the MYA racing structure

To ensure the above, the following guidelines apply when assessing both the suitability of an initial club application to join the MYA and MYA club renewals.

1. MYA Club Membership – Initial Affiliation Applications

a. The minimum number of members within a new club for initial affiliation purposes shall be 6 members.
b. These members shall pay their MYA subscription fees through the applying club.
c. The applicants shall provide written agreement to abide by the MYA Constitution and Regulations as published on the MYA website: here
d. Each MYA member shall be registered via a single MYA subscription fee paid via one MYA affiliated club. (NB MYA members can be a member of more than one MYA affiliated club but shall only pay their MYA annual fees once and via one club.)

2. MYA Club Membership – Annual Affiliation Renewals

a. Should the number of MYA members of a MYA affiliated club be 2 or less, then the club shall be deemed to be closed and membership will not be renewed.

Should requests be received that do not comply with Clauses 1 or 2, the MYA Council shall consider the club application and may in exceptional circumstances allow temporary relaxation of these Clauses for an agreed period of time.

This guidance was agreed by the MYA Council on 08.02.21 and shall be current until replaced by further Council agreement.