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Measurement and Certification Procedure

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Class rules exist to create a basis for fair competition. Most clubs require their members’ boats to be measured and certified before they can compete in club events. The possession of a valid certificate signifies that your boat has been found to comply with the class rules. This is essential for competition in MYA and Open events.

The MYA acts as the certification authority in the UK and issues certificates free of charge to its members. This facility is not available to non-members, sorry. There may be a fee for the measurement process – please see the Suggested Measurer Fee page here.

If your boat does not have a certificate, the procedure to obtain one is as follows:

To obtain a certificate for a new boat

Reserve a hull registration number from the class registrar. The class registrars can be contacted here. The number will be reserved for you for twelve months after which time it may be reallocated if certification of your boat is not completed.

Make an appointment for an official measurer to measure the boat. The official measurers can be contacted here.

After the measurement process is completed send the completed measurement forms to the class registrar who, if all is on order, will issue a certificate.

When a boat changes ownership

When a boat changes ownership the certificate ceases to be valid.

In most cases you can obtain a valid certificate by following the procedure described on the bottom of the certificate where you, as owner, sign to declare that you will maintain the boat in compliance with the class rules. Send the certificate to the class registrar here.

Where the certificate does not contain this declaration you should use the change of ownership form available here. Send the certificate and completed change of ownership form to the class registrar – here.

Alterations to boat and equipment

Some alterations to the boat and its equipment can be made without requiring the official measurer to certify the alteration. The class rules identify what you can and cannot do without re-certification – please consult the class rules to establish whether the changes you have made need to be checked. If in doubt consult, in the first instance, an official measurer here.

Except in the 36” Class (and for FS spinnakers), new sails always need to be certified. Sails of all the classes may be certified by Sail Measurers.

Where you have made alterations to the boat or its equipment that make it no longer compliant with the certificate or class rules you should make an appointment with a relevant Class Measurer to carry out the necessary certification process.

Please note

Please avoid wasting the official measurer’s time by ensuring your boat and its equipment comply with the class rules before it is presented for measurement.

Please SEND AN SAE if you want the class registrar to send you the certificate by post.

Please do not assume that the class registrar will always be able to deal with your certificate to meet your deadline. They need holidays too!

Please check with the registrar that he will be able to issue the certificate in time for an important event. It is not necessary for you to have the certificate at the event – there is a 7-day grace period for presenting the certificate to the organising club after an event – but a valid certificate has to exist at the time of that event.

Although the issue of certificates is provided free of charge by the MYA, it is polite and appreciated to ask official measurers if they will make a charge for their service. Please see the Suggested Measurer Fee page here. Charges are usually nominal, may go to club funds or a charity, and help to offset the investment in time and equipment involved. Where a fee is declined, a good bottle of wine is almost always acceptable.

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