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Change of Boat Ownership Form

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When a boat changes ownership

When a boat changes ownership the certificate ceases to be valid.

In most cases you can obtain a valid certificate by following the procedure described on the bottom of the certificate where you, as owner, sign to declare that you will maintain the boat in compliance with the class rules. Send the certificate to the class registrar – here.

Where the certificate does not contain this declaration you should use the change of ownership form available below. Send the certificate and completed change of ownership form to the class registrar – here.

When buying a boat that does not have a certificate

If the boat has been previously issued with a certificate but where it has been lost you may be able to obtain a replacement certificate. Send the completed change of ownership form to the class registrar.

If the boat has not been previously issued with a certificate you can obtain one by following the procedure given here – here.

Please note

Please send a STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE if you want the class registrar to send you the certificate by post.

Please do not assume that the class registrar will always be able to deal with your certificate to meet your deadline. They need holidays too!

Please check with the registrar that he will be able to issue the certificate in time for an important event. It is not necessary for you to have the certificate at the event – there is a 7-day grace period for presenting the certificate to the organising club after an event – but a valid certificate has to exist at the time of that event.

The Class Registrar’s are;

  • International One Metre: Nick Cowern
  • Marblehead: Roy Stevens
  • A Class: Bill Green
  • Ten Rater: Richard Uttley
  • 36″: Martin Dovey
  • 6 Metre: Bill Green
  • RG65: Wayne Stobbs
  • DF65-95: Jen Hand
  • Footy: Peter Jackson

You will find their full contact details in the members area (login required). Alternatively you can use the contact form here. Ensure you choose the correct person from the dropdown.

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