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Big Race Entries – A Helpful Guide for Clubs

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When you start organising radio racing, there is no problem organising events with a small number of entries. However, when the numbers reach 20 or more you need to split the fleet (total number of entries) into heats, because your competitors may not be able to see their boats/sail numbers clearly and it becomes difficult to communicate and radio race properly.

The MYA developed the Heat Management System over many years and this gives you a perfect method of organising heat racing that is fair for every eventuality. You can find the current Heat Management System (HMS) easily with other Race and Event documents in the Knowledge Base of the MYA website.

The most important thing for organising heat racing is to have a physical display of ‘tickets’ for each competitor on a heat board in order to show the whole fleet divided into heats. At the end of every heat the tickets of top boats move up to the next heat and at the end of every race tickets are rearranged according to the HMS schedule. The essential information you need on the ticket is simply the competitor’s name and sail number.

The MYA has developed an MYA Standard Ticket Template based on a proven design to help clubs starting heat racing.

To read the full guide and access the ticket template, use the attachments below…

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