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A Guide to Entering Races

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Sailing away from home, at whatever level, is a most rewarding and enjoyable experience. Apart from the pleasure of widening your circle of friends you will improve your sailing skills. If you are hesitant about taking the plunge, give it a try, you won’t regret it!

Types of event

The MYA through its clubs organises a wide variety of events; National Championships for MYA recognised classes such as the IOM, DF65, DF95, M, 10R, A Class, 6M and 36″. Ranking Races which are used to compile National Ranking Lists. Ranking events usually attract the top skippers and provide very competitive racing. District, League and Club Open events, which tend to be held in a more relaxed and friendly manner.

The League races were established to encourage ordinary club members to enter Open events at their home waters and at other clubs. Results are aggregated over the season to produce a National Club and an Individual League Champion for that year.

Where can I find what events are on?

A calendar of events is included in the MYA Yearbook which includes our National and Ranking events. An interactive, up to date version of this calendar is also available on the MYA web site which includes all events including District and Club events. This allows events to be selected by date, district, class, type of event or by club or venue.

How to enter an event?

Different events require different entry procedures – formal, on line, email and/or telephone contact with the event secretary. Linked to the MYA interactive calendar is an online event entry facility. When used by the organising club, this allows all entry details to be sent electronically to the event organiser.

National Championships require a formal entry to be sent before the closing date via the online event entry facility or by a method indicated in the notice of race. Championships are run according to The National Championships Regulations which are found on our website here. These cover rules, sailing instructions, competitor eligibility and entry provisions. Remittance of the required entry fee must be made as soon as possible after submitting the entry and depending on the event may be required at point of entry using a debit or credit card. Late entries are at the discretion of the host club and may attract a surcharge.

Ranking Races can be entered via the MYA event calendar online entry system (if available) or by emailing or telephoning the event organiser ahead of the closing time and date in the notice of race. Late entries are at the discretion of the host club.

District Championships are held for classes sailed within the District. Some Districts run their Championship over a series of races identified in the Racing Calendar. Entries are normally made online using the event calendar, by email or telephone and the closing date is usually early in the week of the race.

League Races. There are two Leagues, one for vane and one for radio. These events are marked with a VL & L in the Racing Calendar. Again, entries may be made by email or telephone and the closing date is usually early in the week of the race.

Club Open Events. Clubs are always happy to receive entries from visiting skippers. Visiting skippers should always contact the host club in good time if they are planning to participate. Most clubs have a modest entry fee for Open Races and this is usually payable on the day. In general once your entry has been accepted for an event, the entry fee is then always payable. Event entry information. When entering an event you will normally be asked to provide your contact details, your sail number, your boat number and all available frequencies held.

Finally – Visiting Other Clubs

Most Clubs welcome visiting skippers at their club events, but it is courteous to contact the club secretary beforehand.

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