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IOM Ranking 5&6 – 28th/29th October 2023 – Report and Results

IOM Ranking events at Woodspring (Portishead)

The forecast looked promising for this event with a strong breeze blowing straight down the lake. Alas never believe what you read in the forecast. Conditions for the weekend were light and there was more easterly in the wind which meant it had to come over a large hill, through a couple of housing estates and then through the trees at the upwind end of the lake. The result was a challenging breeze which flicked at random across the two days. I am sure this caused our Race Officer Tony Edwards a headache, but he did set courses which made the best use of the breeze and provided us with good racing.

Woodspring is an interesting location in a glorious setting on the edge of the Severn estuary. When you look out over it the water is brown on the ebb and blue on the rising tide. Over the weekend we saw a huge jack up ship pass and a large car transporter which were interesting distractions.

One of the curious but I guess essential activities I saw on the estuary, was a group of about 15 doing mud rescue training with two volunteers about 100 yards out in the mud sitting presumably waiting to be rescued by the victims/ volunteers. It’s a messy smelly business but I guess someone has to do it and we are grateful for them. Enough of that, on with the racing.

With 32 boats on Saturday and 37 on Sunday, racing was in two heats with 4 up and down on Saturday and six up and down on Sunday.

On Saturday no one could keep up with Rob Walsh whose worst results were two 5th. It was a true master class leaving Craig Richards and Peter Stollery in his wake. All bar Rob counted at least one bad race often caused by the collection of a leaf or a stick on the fin. Well done Rob.

After watching the Rugby on Saturday night accompanied perhaps by the occasional beverage, competitors returned to the water to be greeted by similar conditions to the Saturday. Sunday was Peter Stollery’s day, who dominated over Rob and Craig Richards but even Peter had one bad race which he was able to discard.

Tony managed to squeeze in 8 races and whilst conditions were tricky and at times frustrating for those in the pack, a good time was had by all and out thanks must go to the team of volunteers who made the weekend so enjoyable.

Event coordinator Bob Connor.
Race officer Tony Edwards.
Scorers Sue Conner, Min Edwards.
Scoreboard Finish Alan Barnstable, Sarah Bush.
Start/Fin/rescue Simon Evans.
Observer/admin Steve Gill.

Thank you, Woodspring. We look forward to coming back.


Saturdays Results
Sundays Results
Saturdays winner Rob Walsh
Sundays winner Peter Stollery

Report by Nigel Barrow. MYA Racing Officer.

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