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HMS 2022 and MYA SSI’s 2022

The Heat Management System (HMS) and the associated HMS Scoring Spreadsheet have been updated from HMS 2016 v1 to HMS 2022 v1. The update incorporates the new scoring abbreviations of ‘NSC – Not Sailed the Course’ and ‘UFD – U Flag Disqualification’ and removes two redundant abbreviations ZFP and DGM. This brings the scoring into alignment with RRS 2021-2024. A correction to Schedule A6 and a number of minor changes to the text have also been made.

Heat Management System

The MYA Standard Sailing Instructions (SSI’s) have been updated from SSI’s 2017 to SSI’s 2022. The Section on Scoring has been updated to include the new scoring abbreviations ‘NSC – Not Sailed the Course’ and ‘UFD – U Flag Disqualification’ and to remove the redundant abbreviation DGM. This aligns the SSI’s with RRS 2021-2024. A new Section has been added to describe what should happen when a boat breaks the U Flag or Black Flag Rules. A number of minor changes, including to formatting, have been made to improve the clarity of the text.

MYA Standard Sailing Instructions

The updated HMS and SSI’s have also been included in the MYA Ranking Race and National Championships Race packs. Here

Model Yachting Association

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