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Finishing on the run


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I was about 8 boatlenghts behind a finishing boat that was about 10 boatlenghts from the finish and we were both on a run.the wind (light)filled from behind doubling my speed and at about 6 boatlenghts from the line, as I was overlapping the leeward running boat, he luffed up by around 45% degrees for around 2 boatlenghts and then headed back to the line(now about 2 lengths away).this was enough to stall me and lose my overtake which was inevitable.was his manoeuvre allowed(did think it was clever).

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It sounds like you may be touching on two points. First, if you were both on the same gybe, when he altered course, he has to give you room to keep clear - R 16.1. As weather boat, you were required to keep clear (R11 W/L). From your description, you were able to keep clear - so no rule broken by either boat.

Next if there was a mark involved, he bore way just before he reached the zone to break any overlap - so he gains mark room.


John Ball

IOM CAN 307 (V8)

In my private capacity

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