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I had dealings with AA Parts some years ago. I had no difficulty.

Val - sorry to hear of your experience

They were developing a brushless motor winch. I have heard nothing of it since then.

Is that what caught you eye Ericka


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Some AA parts still seem to be available from their North American agents, Brighton Boat Works, which might suggest that they are still operating though when you visit their own website and click on a page of items, down the left hand side everything is shown as , e.g sail rig (0).

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Hi, late reply ,i know, but relevant, i believe,

I have been buying bits from AA-parts for nearly a year now all good quality and without any problems.

Theyve replied promptly to all my email questions and delivery has always been correct and complete.

Their delivery time is longer than usual i.e 10 - 15 + days but they do specify that on their website and the parts do have to come from Italy.

I know this is only my experience but it is recent



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