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Help identifying yacht


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I’ve been left a large model yacht by my late uncle. My hobby has always been building and flying model aircraft but given the provenance of the model I would like to get it sailing again. The build standard isn’t great but nothing I can’t sort.

The yacht is 48” long and the mast is something over 6ft tall (196cm) and measures as 5/8” round aluminium tube . Beam is 27cm. The hull is fibre-glass with ply bulkheads and deck. It would definitely have been built from a kit.

The radio gear has been removed. I have lots of receivers and servos but don’t have a winch. The rigging is mostly missing and although I understand rigging on full size yachts sorting a model like this is beyond me without any plans/guidance.

Any help identifying the model and pointers for how to rig it would be greatly appreciated.





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