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Recently returned to rc sailing


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IMG_0009.thumb.JPG.27e2e7a53a43af8e8898ff6cb5f18163.JPGHi, I'm a newbie here,

And after sailing a 10 rater some 30+ years ago, I'm now sailing a Cheinz IOM,which I think is a lovely yacht, and even though it's been a long time since I sailed, I am very competitive at my club.

My point for this post is, BG and PS sail the britpop, and are obviously having huge success with doing so. Therefore the britpop has become the boat of the day, with a lot of skippers wanting one. But their results are no better than that of other makes, so if BG etc, were to be sailing let's say a Cheinz would he be as successful? as he is obviously a fantastic tactician, or is the BP, sooooo much better than any other design out there?

I know that this could be very subjective, but it would be interesting to know your thoughts.

Thanks, and just to say I'm loving being part of all of rc yachting again.


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The fellows you are thinking of , Gibson, Stollery, Walsh, Harris, Roberts, Elliott are in a different class. If they were each given a log and an axe the day before the event and told to fashion out a hull ready for the next day’s competition they would still be ahead on most of us at the first mark.

We often swap boats for the day at our little club and guess what…

The finishing order is much the same…try it at your club

65% Skipper

25% Sails

10% Boat hull

Within limits

Seems like you have too much mast rake or the picture is deceiving



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Hi Ericka

Thanks for your reply, I'm sure your right, re axe lol, those guys are amazing.

It would be interesting though, if they were sailing a different design, whether that yacht would then become the yacht of the day which everyone wanted. It all seems a little fickle, and trying to emulate these top skippers, without the ability to do so.

Hence why I learn more every week, re trim, and tactical understanding of this wonderful sport.

Thanks again for your reply.


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I kind of look at it pretty similarly, but with a twist. The guys on top are on top as they have dedicated themselves to be at that competitive level, and yes the BritPop is a proven winner in their hands and of course others. I am moving to BP because I want to take the boat and the tuning out of the equation and I want to become a better skipper. To this point the BP has a load of information on how to set it up properly and tune it. Now it's up to me to learn how to drive it.

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