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Updates to my articles for the new RRS 2017-2020

John Ball

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HI all,

I have updated all my Racing Rules and Tactics articles to match the changes in the new 2017 -2020 Edition of the RRS.

They have a new home too, on google sites. Here is the link


If you have read them before, then I suggest that you revisit Chapter 3 R18 and the Weather Mark . It was the most affected by the new RRS and has the most changes.

I hope you find them useful. Please post any questions or comments on this forum so we can all participate in the discussions.


John Ball

IOM CAN 307 (V8)

In my private capacity

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Thanks John for a great piece, the inclusion of the video makes a potentially very complicated subject both clearer and more interesting. Thanks!!!

After a lifetime racing, think I ( finally) understand why that with no obligation from mark room at the start, you are stlll protected from being forced into the starboard end of the line.

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The difference in size between RC and other dinghies and yachts requires the few specific differences in the rules.

But largely it's the same game and the rules work well in most situations.

It's hard enough to persuade people to run racing now. Add in recording points per incident instead of a simple check if a turn has been completed properly and it gets a lot harder.

The current rules work well. And when they dont, thats poor following of those same rules not an issue with them.



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